6 Simple steps for recovery

6 Simple steps for recovery

Feeling down? Need recovery?

Sometimes life is crap. There is no better way to put it without using curse words.

Sometimes bad things happen in our life and the vital energy you have is depleted and all you feel like doing is to curl in a ball and wait to all go away.

Reality is that it lasts and you have to endure.

The old saying comes to mind: “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” but it feels pointless when you are in the middle of the storm.

You feel like you just want it to go away and there is no conclusion or moral of the story that will make you perk up and battle through the crap.

There are nonetheless little steps that you can be actively doing when you are on the wrong side of a beating.

6 Simple steps for recovery:


The first thing that happens when you are anxious, in pain, going through bereavement is for your heart rate and breathing to accelerate. This is a typical fight or flight mechanism. Your body is getting ready for bad things to happen and for your bodily functions to be ready for what might come. Breathing is a simple technique that will allow for your body to feel more relaxed and focused. The not so good news is that in certain situations it is hard to maintain the calm but practice makes perfect.

2-Be kind to yourself

I am guilty many times of trying to force myself out of certain situations even if I am not prepared and then I feel worse. Have you ever told a friend that is going through a rough path to “man up and go all-in”? Most of the times that might not be the correct course of action. You tell him to take it easy and let the wound closes as it takes time. Taking care of yourself and being kind to yourself is vital. You need kindness in your recovery.

3-Little steps in due time

After you break a leg, you don’t normally go all Kamikaze and try a half marathon. You recover and start by giving small steps, monitoring yourself and taking your time doing what you need to do. Getting mad for not being able to do a task that you could do before quite fast and easily is counter-productive as it only increases frustration and that is a path you don’t want to go on. Small steps, needed time, small victories. Remember that the small victories are what will bring momentum and happiness back to your life.   You need time in your recovery.


This one is a slightly controversial one. It is proven by many studies the benefits of meditation in our life. What does effectively do? Normalises your breathing. Slows down your heart rate. Organises your mind. This is probably one of the most beneficial aspects of meditation especially when your brain tends to go too fast for your own thoughts. Meditation along those steps above will calm down your thoughts. There’s nothing worse then you running around anxious like a headless chicken with a mini head storm.

5-Live day by day

Got news for you. Every day when recovering will not be a piece of cake. Some days you will be feeling better and other days you’ll be feeling worse and sometimes, regardless of what you do you can’t change that. So when difficulties rise take every day as a new start and remember that every day that passes you are closer to feeling better. Don’t be discouraged by the fact that there are days you feel worse than the day before, remember that it is part of the process and you are effectively going through the motions. All of your problems won’t be sorted, so don’t feel frustrated because the day before was better.

6-Everything is gonna be alright

Bob Marley nailed it! The Universe never throw something at you that you can’t handle. You might feel that it is just too much or it is extremely overwhelming but in reality, you have the strength to overcome everything, sometimes you haven’t found it yet. A positive mindset will propel you to overcome whatever you are going through because your thoughts create reality. My advice listen to inspirational music and surround yourself with positive people. A positive mindset is helpful but it won’t sort everything out until you start to work on yourself.

There is no magic formula for you to recover, but there are small steps that can make you your life easier.

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