The virus – obvious curse or blessing in disguise

The virus – obvious curse or blessing in disguise

We are going through an undeniable time of change and difficulty worldwide.

The virus that we all have repeated the name endless times, that we all have posted and looked at social media endless times is seriously showing cracks in the boat called society and in individual lives!

The world is on lockdown and nature somehow rejoice with this break given to hear. It made the human world and machine stop, adapt and as we always do persevere.

Make no mistakes, NOTHING will be the same after this. The change is unavoidable.

People are obliged to stay at home, by themselves or with the household and that will open wounds that many have refused to see.

If you live by yourself, you will have the need to look inside and see the ugly parts in you as well as the beautiful ones. The ugly ones will stand out more because it doesn’t matter how many series you see, how much time you spend on social media, how many friends you have video calls with. It doesn’t matter how many distractions you have you still have to live with yourself. That is a huge challenge and there is literally no way to run!


You are faced with two options:

  • Option 1 – Either you distract yourself like you probably have been doing for a while and dodge the “inner-demons” that eventually will get you with a vengeance.
  • Option 2 – You face them, look them in the eye, get scared, do internal work understanding the beautiful aspects in you and the ugly ones. Go through the storm of emotions that you thought you didn’t have. You question yourself many times about what the hell you’re doing, you question everything… but then you reach a more desirable state of peace and acceptance that will do for now as long as you are on a committed path to truly go within. In the meantime, you give the finger to your pet demon and you wave him goodbye.  He might come back but the fear he brings to you will be smaller and you will be better prepared and the cycle begins. The cycle will continue until the inner demon will fade away. Probably more will come, but if you fought one demon, you can fight more, as you will be ready.

Then there are the people that live with their families, partner, kids and relatives. It will be harder to go within due to the will and challenges of having that close relationship. Look inside if you can, weight the relationships, define new ways of dealing with others, feel from the heart where you are and where they are. Come to a compromise first and foremost within and where you are and reevaluate, find a more loving way to deal with them and adapt accordingly.

The main question is: How do I go within?

  • Become aware of yourself by living one day at a time. Ask people around and talk with a qualified therapist like me.
  • Meditate and feel your body and every cell. How do you do it? Do research, ask for advice and don’t beat yourself up.
  • Don’t judge yourself and others. When you do that you are being your worst own enemy and there is a virus out there that already does that for you.
  • Evaluate yourself. What are your fears? What do you want to change in yourself? Can you do it by yourself… fantastic, if you need a little push once again contact me!
  • Discover things you like to do but have forgotten. That will make your heart sing.
  • Create discipline to calm yourself down and not live in this matrix of fear.

Now when it comes to society… there will be another post with my opinions and some astrological views.

Keep safe.

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