Disturbance in the force

Disturbance in the force

What do I mean by a disturbance in the Force?

First of all, I am proud to be a Star Wars fan.

Secondly, I want to talk more about the times of our life where everything we touch is almost haunted…

The Force is what we call Prana, the life force that surrounds us, connects us and allows us to be a part of Nature.

I used the title Disturbance in the Force to portrait times that we don’t feel ourselves, and that can be through the confusion, lack of self-awareness, lack of focus and feeling alien.

This means that your life force is somehow running low.

What to do when your life force is running low? What is the quick charger?

Some people try caffeine, chocolates, sugar… easy fixer but it is deceiving as it is a short boost with a really big dip afterwards. In a nutshell, it is not worthwhile!


The other option is for you to take 10m out of your time, go to a quiet place and do the following exercise:

  • Sit down,

  • Close your eyes

  • Take a deep breath in and whilst doing it constricting the perineal muscles

  • Hold the breath for 5 seconds

  • Exhale through the mouth

  • Repeat that a couple of times

  • Also constricting your lower abdominal muscles as well;

  • Then your lower and upper abdominal  muscles as well


Then you ask me how will this charge my energy?

I will try and explain in a simple way.

Our body has 7/8 main energy centres called chakras. I will talk about chakras in detail in a post very soon.

These chakras regulate our body activities as each chakra has some assigned parts of the body and soul linked to them.

If we consider our body as a battery where the 3 lower chakras are one pole and our 3 top chakras are the opposite pole.

The goal is to keep the energy flow from bottom to top.

How do I get the energy flowing through the body through breathing?

Breathing, visualization, and focus play a huge part in the flow of energy.

By focusing on the 3 lower chakras and, through breathing,  we can move the energy from bottom to top hence meditation and yoga techniques focus on breathing as a vital part.

Happiness and smiling is vital to shift energy

This will obviously require practice, but practice makes progress.

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