Following your path

Following your path

Sometimes life is not easy but it gets real when you start following your path. 

We all have our individual paths and in those paths, there are challenges and joys. The happy moments that we have are there to be cherished and to be enjoyed. The hardships, on the other hand, are moments to overcome and to learn lessons about our life and our mortality.

Why do we learn more from hardships than from happy moments? 

Hardships are what test our body, mind, and soul. Our true potential is what is left when you remove what is accessory in our life. It is our true core that prepares us to live in this world, to overcome adversity and that makes us grow as spiritual beings living an earthly experience. We were not put on this Earth to endure hardships but to be joyful.

How does that help us to overcome adversity?

Each individual man and woman on this Earth has an individual path, which means that there are currently 7.6 billion individual paths. Those paths cross through each other’s lives and get entangled not with other people that cross your path as well as a world network that will hopefully lead us to a better future.

Getting back to the original question. Adversity tests our boundaries and enhances our will. It is not easy but by testing our boundaries it provides us tools that we already have but don’t use. It is just like a test. You might study and have the knowledge but you will only prove that you know when you have a test.

You might have answers right which is great, but the wrong ones are the ones where you have room to improve, so then you learn.

What is there to be learned?

Lessons. What lessons you ask…

My astrology teacher, friend, and master used to tell me that human beings are part of the school of suffering. Reality is that we shouldn’t suffer. We are not here to suffer, but we are here to learn. We need to learn more from happiness from suffering. Unfortunately, it seems to be a  constant theme the fact that we only learn through suffering until we change our frequency. More than 2000 years of acquired guilt.

We have to pass through these tests in order to evolve.

These tests will make you stronger as you overcome them, which seems unnatural how pain can make you stronger…

When you start to play the guitar, in the beginning, your fingertips hurt when you press the guitar strings. As you practice, it will start to hurt less until it stops hurting as you create calluses in your fingertips. This is a simple way to explain how your body adapts to change.

The same principle applies to your life as we adapt to different circumstances more easily after we have passed through different hardships.


How do hardships help you to follow your path?

We are all born with different characteristics and a different set of tools…

Our path is not set in stone and our potential is unlimited, nonetheless, we have a scope that where we can operate.

If you were a fish you could swim freely, anywhere you want but we are all fishes in different aquariums. This simply means that you can roam free wherever you want, guided by your choices but you are limited to the size of the aquarium you live in. Breakaway from what holds you back.

This might be a controversial opinion but it is my opinion.

Hardships help you to know what is important to you, what are the things you want and don’t want, help you to be more grateful of what you have and guide you to a more truthful path. The only path is joy and happiness in the little things you do every day.

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