Sadness- Face it and overcome it

Sadness- Face it and overcome it

Many books have been written about sadness. Many words tried to describe sadness, but there are no words in the world that can compare to how it feels to be sad.

It is an individual process, it is an emotion that is not us, but it is lived through us. It touches us in different ways and as hard as it may seem sometimes sadness plays a role in our lives. We try to run away from it, from the pain it causes, from how it makes us feel like crap, for how it stabs our hearts like a sword on fire.

It is there to show us that we are human, and we experience this awful feeling that sometimes can be on our surface and other times it can go so deep that we can’t trace where that wound is.

As much as we try to fight it, it is there to show us the potential we have to endure it and overcome it.

Enduring it is not running away from it, it is not sugar-coating it, it is not fighting it… is simply facing it, accepting it so then we can emerge and let it pass, because “this too shall pass”.

Nothing is forever and nothing is fixed and within sadness, at times if we explore it and go to the core of it there is a light that covered by the darkness, the same darkness that leaves us unaware of what we feel.

That light shines stronger and stronger the more we accept that we are sad at the moment, that we are vulnerable, that we need to cry, that we need to listen to a heart that is bleeding for help.

Sadness is the energy that either can break us into downward despair and helplessness because we are fighting it, or it can be an energy that takes us deeper to a place in us that we left unattended and ignored.

A place within us that we refuse to face because it involves pain and going within.

Some of the deepest and most meaningful songs and art were created from this universal and yet individual place that we have inside of us. It is ok to be sad at times, it is ok to be vulnerable at times because it shall pass.

When you face the sadness within when you look it in the eyes and you accept what it is, that awful feeling of sadness floats through you like a cloud and eventually is replaced by joy.

Many of us feel sad and don’t realise because it is an internal itch that we can ignore and it feels uncomfortably safe.

When you face it, make no mistake, it will hurt, but it gave you the courage to overcome it because only when you face things in life you get closure, understanding and feel it deep within.

Being brave is facing all that life gives us, and by facing it, you overcome it and you become empowered. Empowered by courage and strength you didn’t know you had!

Face it, confront it, understand it, accept it, work with it, transform it and then overcome it!

If you keep running away from it it will still follow you like a shadow.

Only the courageous ones are the ones that face it and accept that vulnerability and by working with it they become more joyous,  become stronger and ready themselves for who they truly are.

Because one who accepts oneself, the whole world will accept him or her.” – Lao Tzu

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