What is Faith?

What is Faith?

When everything seems to be lost and your rational mind has no explanation for life this is the time when faith plays its part.

Faith is the belief in yourself and the Universe. Things will get better when you are in the middle of the storm. Your conscious mind will come up with rational explanations which will affirm that all is doomed. That is your mind talking.

Well, I got news for you… in life, the mind has not that much to say but to ask questions, that is its role, no more and no less.

Your intuition and your soul will answer the questions that your mind asks if you are balanced. If you are not balanced your mind will take over and it will be the prophet of Doom talking.

At a moment of despair and darkness, there is no other choice but to believe in yourself and the Universe. Believe in your inner Power because you have it, we all do. The tricky part is to know how to access it.

Faith is the only thing that separates your Dreams from Darkness. It is the air while you feel like drowning. It is the rope when you are falling. Faith is the strength when you feel weak.

I am not saying that you should believe in God. I am not saying that you have the full control of your life. I am not saying that you shouldn’t be responsible for your actions. I am saying that you need to have faith in yourself.

Faith comes from within and it is a joint venture between your belief in yourself and the belief in the Universe.

You are responsible for your actions.

You don’t know what the outcome will be and that outcome is not your responsibility as you have to understand that you don’t control everything.

Like Monty Python would say: always look at the bright side of life.

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